Thursday, May 10, 2018

The plans

So. Now that the site is a tiny bit more organized, lemme stop and tell you what goes on around it.
I make comics, whether or not they're good comics is entirely up to you, the viewer. But if you want to read them, they will be here.
As of now, I have my first comic series (that I've actually posted), Coward of Valor, available to read. That is, the first four volumes, but by tomorrow the site should be all caught up on the Coward.
I update the comic every Sunday, never skipping a single one, and every update contains five to ten new pages. But any project I put work into will find it's way here.
I look forward to making stories that all of you can enjoy (at least hope you do), and I would love feedback if you have any.
In the meantime, I will also be working on ways to make the site look better. Perhaps a logo would work nicely.
So, until then.

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